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Birthday Poems - May 16 2018

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1Birthday Poems - May 16 2018 Empty Birthday Poems - May 16 2018 on Wed May 23, 2018 12:41 am

The following poems were delivered at a reading entitled 'Keep Begin Detach' held at E.M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore in Oakland, and introduced by the poem 'A Birthday' by Christina Rosetti.

A metal vision: dense but malleable. Expansion
Beginning outwards from an overheated core,
Vapors vying for an opening. It comes in bursts
And sputters. I see faraway cities looming in
Window-shutters. Sky-shards scattered like gems
Nesting deep in chambers whose doors I’ll not disgrace.
I’ll find honor in a worldly way, without forgetting
My grandmother’s Sister Joan. She left the convent
For Manhattan. The Temple (T) for Religious (R)
Understanding (U) was her new home. What is TRU?
A shared awareness of a holy peace, a cult,
A commute. We walked one day in another borough
And her eyes casually let slip a secret:
I have aged, changed, and yet lost nothing.
She had the intimidating wholeness of a child,
And I felt ancient flutters in my young breast.
Two lives, one truth. I never had the chance to work
For TRU, itself a subsidiary of a higher body
Peacefully brandishing their United (U) Nations (N), who
Demanded space in the temple and made it UNTRU.

Now—time to put on those dancing shoes!
For fortune loves a good jig—you choose
The tune. I can sing of my people no longer,
But they are under care of my younger and stronger
Brother Walter. My name is being called from
A different country where my voice might ring anew.
Heraclitus scores again: opposites abound, each
Powered by borrowed flames. Reflected light,
May I share in your prescient recollections, which
Float like gentle leaves laying down to rest?

Clear paths,
blaring sun—
you inquire as
to our route.

A smiling reply:
You’re the one
who wants
to find out.

Sky is cut
by birds’ “V”—
black mass
headed south.

It’s not as if
This poetry
comes from
my mouth.

No it doesn’t go away
And I never expected it to
Because early on I saw
Faces of elders balk
At simple musings so
Rudimentary you ought to have
Managed a response, really.

All I did was ask
The question, over and over
And over again. It nags,
The question—sticks like
A thorn refusing to be ignored.
The question intractable,
Recalcitrant and beautiful.

And no, I won’t
Formulate it here
Because now I know,
I know now that
It formulates me
And it will not
Stop until it is
Good and ready.

A promise
to make a
sweet, gentle

you walked away
my heart
would soar
to watch
your figure
in the distance.

A man asks
For a light
I don’t have
I ask
What are you
Thinking about?
His words, not mine:
“I am thinking about
the end, whether it can be
better than the beginning,
whether there is
a difference.”

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