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devouring roses

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1devouring roses Empty devouring roses on Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:41 am

Devouring Roses to feel
the crips, carnal crush
of life on my lips --

or should I say hips

which make me dance towards you --
you a flurry of flicks of the wrist
a neon poplar whisked by wind
you shimmer, a contingent of movement

I do the same --

or what feels like sameness,
when glossed over by the saturated beats
& the stick of saccharine
spilled out at our feet

Gliding over against and through
our skin and torsos carving the air
around us as we move --
a virtual, Dionysian keel

Arching like the petals feel
as they fold and glide
between my lips
turbulent as all of this

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