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2Art+Environment+Corporation???????? Empty Re: Art+Environment+Corporation???????? on Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:58 am

Hmmm... I respect the idea of art that seeks a practical rather than aesthetic response to ecological catastrophe, but I am not entirely on board with this mission statement. Frankly, I struggle to understand it – the authors' communication style seems to still be mired with aesthetic concerns rather than practical ones...

Especially suspect is the 'installation' in the Bristol Channel which, to my reading, seems to amount to essentially a large netted culling of algae and biomass from the ocean for the purpose of fermentation and/or human energy production. Such endeavors have complex and unpredictable effects on ocean ecosystems, risking mass die-offs of other species which use this biomass for their own purposes.

I am disturbingly reminded of the work of Russ George (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russ_George), the infamous 'ocean hacker' who experimented independently and quite dangerously with the chemical makeup of the ecosystem.

W/r/t the primacy of ocean over land, I'm on board but think that this concept is captured more powerfully by those living in oceanic territories threatened by sea level rise. Often, indigenous groups in these areas view the ocean as the connective tissue of life itself, and view its preservation in the highest regard. Recent conference on climate change and economic globalization from this perspective: http://moananui2011.org/
(Not a ton of details on their website, but I know some good articles about the event – unfortunately they are paywalled so I can't share here.)

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