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“Back to Basics”, 6/5/18—6/12/18

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1“Back to Basics”, 6/5/18—6/12/18 Empty “Back to Basics”, 6/5/18—6/12/18 on Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:05 am

“Consume only food and water for a week. During this time, record all of your dreams in the greatest possible detail — their newfound richness will sate neglected needs.”

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2“Back to Basics”, 6/5/18—6/12/18 Empty Re: “Back to Basics”, 6/5/18—6/12/18 on Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:38 pm

Here are my dream reports.

Day 1 – 6/6/18
Last night I dreamt that I was in a room with P where we were observing a spiky rock ball hovering in midair. The supposed explanation was that the ball was magnetically charged to repel against the Earth's core in such a way as to counteract exactly the force of gravitational attraction. I sensed that both of us seemed wary of accepting this account, but neither of us made any skeptical remarks. I thought, "It is with this same indifference that I accept all that I do not understand."
My sleep was uneasy, and I have been tired all day long.

Day 2 – 6/7/18
I struggle to recall last night's dreams. I slept with P, who dreamt of work, debt, annoyances, exes.

Day 3 – 6/8/18
Last night in my dreams I felt the same buzz/pulse/wave of electromagnetic energy as on 6/6, but this time more localized to my ears and skull. It reminded me of certain experiences of being "too high," incl. first time eating shrooms when E left the room. Some vague images surface, and I can recount them below – but the energy was the predominant dream.
• P and I in a strange club in a strange city.
• P and I had a threesome (with my brother?) & I was jacking him off
• P receives platform sandals and is upset because she said she told me she didn't want them

Day 4 – 6/9/18
Last night I slept with P and can recall few dreams. However, this afternoon I napped and had two dreams. In the first, I was in a movie and confronted one of my fellow actors (Seth Rogen) as himself rather than as his character. I charged him with narcissism and he immediately agreed, speaking incessantly about his own self-obsession. Suddenly, the set broke into a party with a buffet, and P and friends were there. Circus animals were on display, and a lion was pedaling a tricycle. In the second, a man I was playing chess with at People's Park was at a cafe and asked if I remembered his name. I gave an answer and he gave no reply. An old woman passed and remarked that she could quickly and handily defeat him [in chess], so he accepted her challenge. As they played, the setting became more domestic and intimate (in fact, they were playing on my desk). Some pieces were lost. They were falling in love.

Day 5 – 6/10/18

Day 6 – 6/11/18
Some sporting event. Some nonsense on a computer screen being explained by my boss (a video of Jordan Peterson threatening to strip off his own fingernails).

Day 7 – 6/12/18
Cigarette. Rolling weird spliffs. J and M fighting. P calls up my mom to introduce herself and receives a less than warm reception. I go to show someone the video of Lacan being heckled, then find myself in the video. The scene becomes highly sexualized, with the interviewer flirting with Lacan and he himself lounging about. He speaks of random matters, a music prof. at Princeton. There is no heckler. He peels an orange and puts the pieces on his head.

Day 8 – 6/13/18
I don't know what I dreamed. Everything feels like a mistake; my only desire is for escape. My heart hurts and I am afraid to tell you why. This pen is supposed to be my solace? Frankly, I can believe it, sad as it sounds. Tomorrow I am utterly free and I think I need to leave town.

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3“Back to Basics”, 6/5/18—6/12/18 Empty Re: “Back to Basics”, 6/5/18—6/12/18 on Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:56 pm

Day 1
Foggy -- Dream about a strange monorail through a city (Detroit??) - a coworker was in attendance. I only assume this dream is about Detroit as I have a reoccurring set of locations in my dream, and the city with the monorail was identified as Detroit a few dreams ago.

Day 2
I was at the home of a wealthy client (J & J). We were examining chairs, speaking about different velvet covering options. The table chairs would match, the countertop tables -- mismatched.
I went out a back door -- New Orleans was flooding. Not a storm event, but a typical, expected street flooding.
A man outside of a convenience store spoke with me about how silly sport are (maybe based on the Warrior's finals?). K was there and saying things that I found hypocritical.
Later I was in a transit terminal, a woman was telling me I owed her forty dollars. I told her this was not possible, I only arrived in New Orleans a few day ago.

Day 3

Day 4
Had a great deal of dreams, but I only recall the last portion:
D hasnt been communicating with me.
My grandmother told me he passed away.
Devasted, Crying.

Day 5

Day 6
In the beginning of the dream I was skiing. Although, the focus was on a pro-skiier -- she had a british accent?
Later I was with my friend O, trying to make it to a concert in the same ski-resort-town. Some kind of metalish show.

Day 7
Arch + Architecture
A strange metaphysical meeting of 20-something-year-olds at some sort of rented monastery, repurposed for this one day event.
The entrance room was almost empty; a sunken lounge area with a screen playing a pastel film.
There was some art folded on the wall -- not sure if it was related to the event of a fixture of the monastery -- it was folded, sitting up like an accordion. Line drawings, tessellations of shapes.
We walked into the first room (J & I, potentially some else -- maybe S), it was a kitchen-type room, a more soft commercial looking space, people were swaying, covered in a film of sweat or plastic-wrap. One woman was exuding tears with closed eyes.
J declared the room had bad vibes.
We went outside -- dead lawn filled with loosely clad people. I get a drink from a make-shift counter.
We get into the car, and I begin to feel strange. I wonder if it was the event of something in the beverage that has caused this.
We start to cross the bay bridge. The bridge creates a mise-en-abyme, arches layered over themselves, like a never ending or beginning tunnel. I look in the water -- there are many fish in the clear, iridescent bay. There are also larger, sloth-like animals moving through the shallow water, at first I thought they were whales. Then I saw they were all different -- some with doglike faces and tails, some more blob-like, all moving at a somnambulant pace.
Later I realized J's ex was serving the drinks -- I assumed she poisoned or drugged me (maybe acid of DMT).
I decided to relax and enjoy it, and I hoped not to go insane.

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