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rfid tech_dobraya feya_04202017

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1rfid tech_dobraya feya_04202017 Empty rfid tech_dobraya feya_04202017 on Thu May 24, 2018 8:51 am

It's a shit analogy probably. I just think it's magic as fuck. If you have like a key with rfid tech, like a credit card you can hold over one of those scanners at the register. Or a hotel key that you hold in front of door, it doesn't have batteries. it's just circuitry. But if you put it next to something emitting the proper radio frequency, that actually powers it on and it briefly communicates with the power source to tell it something. It's invigorated.

I recognize that you probably don't find this as fascinating as I do. I love rfid for some dumb reason.

Fuckin beamin electromagnetic energy

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