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Masquerade Exchange #1

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1Masquerade Exchange #1 Empty Masquerade Exchange #1 on Wed May 23, 2018 12:05 am

The following exchange took place on the night of September 2 2017, between Companion and Champion.

Companion: Hey. Just in case no one has told you. You should model.

Champion: omg hi
       i have been told that before but im a little bashful about it
                    what makes you say this? also, who is this??

Companion: You should visit the magic gardens when you get to philly; you're destined for it.
        You made me say it.
 You're companion and champion.

Champion: i love you
               i will absolutely go there. and i'll send you a picture
when were you in philly? what brought you there?

Companion: Document your visit in full, but not so much that it hinders your enjoyment.  
 I was there on business.  
 A journalism convention.
 What brought you to the city of "brotherly love."

Champion: !!!
im very interested in journalism did you happen to gain any contacts/information you might want to pass along??
i was originally brought there by bus when i was wandering / exploring along the eastern
  now im driving across the country hoping to recapture the magic. so the gardens ought to be perfect
it feels crazy but it also feels right please please wish me luck

Companion: No, I (quickly) burned all my proverbial bridges.
It's the only acceptable east coast city, for me at least.    
  Maybe go to the Mutter museum as well. If you're into the macabre.      
 There's a v good anarchist/commie bookstore as well.      
 Wishing you well humble bb.

Champion: what was wrong with the journalists?
and what makes philly distinct from the others? what's the name of the bookstore?
i'm taking down recommendations very seriously if you couldn't tell already
so i appreciate them (and your well wishes) how did you come to learn i was going to philly?

Companion: Nothing, I maybe never built bridges to begin with.  
 It's not claustrophobic feeling, more low key/intelligent people (usually feel like this combination is rare)
I think it was called the Wooden Shoe? Really just take a walk around south street -- there are a lot of cool, niche stores.
 Have you found housing?
Champion: very encouraging news, my favorite kind of people!
i am still looking for housing, won't be in pennsylvania for a few weeks
any chance you know someone looking for a housemate??
where do you live at the moment?

Companion: All your 7 chakras were announcing your departure to philly.
        I will ask.
        You could say my heart is in Bolinas, CA

Champion: my chakras were just being opened earlier today so i'm not surprised that you noticed
mmm a lovely place for a heart to live
thank you very much for asking
my heart still yearns for the pacific at times but i know that some distance is needed for now i hope you are appreciating its splendor
have you ever read the crying of lot 49
sorry. many thoughts many texts don't mean to overwhelm

Companion: Why do you need space from the Pacific?
        Are you originally from a pacific town?
        Yes I have, well excerpts, why?

Champion: no but i have always been very close to it physically and emotionally
i need to leave because my heart is aching
and i cannot stand to see what i have been seeing
that book has some lovely odes to the pacific
"Somewhere beyond the battening, urged sweep of three-bedroom houses rushing by their thousands across all the dark beige hills, somehow implicit in an arrogance or bite to the smog the more inland somnolence of San Narciso did lack, lurked the sea, the unimaginable Pacific, the one to which all surfers, beach pads, sewage disposal schemes, tourist incursions, sunned homosexuality, chartered fishing are irrelevant, the hole left by the moon's tearing-free and monument to her exile; you could not hear or even smell this but it was there, something tidal began to reach feelers in past eyes and eardrums, perhaps to arouse fractions of brain current your most gossamer microelectrode is yet too gross for finding."

Companion: What have you been seeing?  
  I've always physically lived within 20 miles of the pacific... but emotional closeness has varied. I felt distance for a while -- in some ways it felt like a very privileged space to occupy. I didn't have the same rights to the ocean.
Now that I've gotten past the bourgeois simulacrum it's been closer to me.
 I actually swam in it today for the first time in months.

Champion: im sure that was lovely my last swim in it was overpowering and beautiful
the tide came in and kissed my favorite book without ruining it
destroyed my picnic though
it is a privilege. but that can be understood through categories other than rights and property
(words of a presumably fellow privileged bourgeois intellectual)
what have i seen? let me think and try to tell you in a moment
when will you leave the pacific?

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