Distortionary Dialogues

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Pettibon on Sietsema

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1Pettibon on Sietsema  Empty Pettibon on Sietsema on Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:59 am

Does this guy care about the actual construction – or just the filmed results? He wants to reimagine the latter in the former, step into the scene of the photograph. Voyeuristic obsession and all. Some overwrought obsessiveness for good measure. Details, alright. Meanwhile, here I am, in the middle of his goddamn garage, and I’m here to tell you it’s real and it’s wild, covered floor to ceiling with perfect junk. Just because I love you, I’m going to ask for the juicy stuff and let you know what you’re missing. Unfortunately seems this whole scheme was put up on a whim, based in the visual appeal of a fucking magazine spread for a fucking interview, kind of like the one you are reading right now. But he’s bothered to situate the subject and consider a few things from its perspective. Something beautiful; utopian dreams; nostalgic clinging. A basic idea that you can understand someone from their surroundings, somehow billed as reverse Darwinism, I mean I guess it makes sense. Trailing off… as one does… we consider childhood… and it is raining in the subconscious as we reach for our camera.


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