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same clothes for the week so i suppose the same odor

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Hmm, i like this. Would be a tempted subscriber (more for release 1 - release 2 seems like a bit of a rip off). Should we abandon our wardrobes and buy thirfted versions of these “essentials”?

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No !!!!!!!!!!!

Idk i kinda hate this ... it all seems really boring, but especially release 2. I like the use of simplicity ... but when delivered in such a universalist way, it feels almost burdensome in asking for a huge change ('throw out your wardrobe and subscribe to our new style-as-a-service program'). 

Also, call me a sucker, but I like colors and patterns and designs and even brands sometimes! The promise of clothing "distilled into [its] purest and most desirable form" disgusts me, even if I can't quite explain why. The oddness of clothing seems to be one of its most aesthetically powerful qualities. Clothing which tries to synthesize an absurdly seamless 'second skin' seems to intrinsically fall short of the potential offered by the form. It's functional and it fits certain situations, but when it becomes an idealized dream it bothers me. 

Idk ... i am ranting and treading outside of my knowledge-zone, so I will stop.

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I agree with some of your statements! Especially the disbanding of a wardrobe for the purpose of subscribing to a service — seems really terrifyingly bourgeois. Like a uniform that relates to status in some ways — very dystopian.

What i like about this concept: I like the idea of having a small set of clothing that is very functional. Under capitalism, i dont think clothing can be decorative and not inspire greater consumption or appropriation by capitalism that leads to terrible labor and environmental practices.

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