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In the Dust of This Planet...

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1In the Dust of This Planet... Empty In the Dust of This Planet... on Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:43 am


Strange narrative of how an obscure book becomes referenced in a Beyonce/Jay-Z music video. Such a satisfying post-internet story.

Was the author channeling some sort of global feeling or was this due to haphazard appropriation?

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2In the Dust of This Planet... Empty Re: In the Dust of This Planet... on Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:32 am

Really looking forward to sitting down with this and perusing his influence at large. Thacker is an interesting author, one of the most cogent members of a contingent of philosophers articulating a deep undercurrent of nihilism in post-modern scientific society. This expression of doubt and indifference doubtless finds listening ears across many branches of society, so it is unsurprising in some sense that his work is being picked up by cultural influencers. Curious to examine the political bent of this interest, however, since there are people theoretically adjacent to Thacker (Nick Land, to a lesser extent Jordan Peterson) who are picked up by fascists and reactionaries rather than liberal, trendy art types. I will report back when I know more.

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3In the Dust of This Planet... Empty Re: In the Dust of This Planet... on Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:39 am

Love that the radio host is pushing the theory that this connection to Jay-Z proves some special meaning, but then Thacker is like 'nope it's meaningless lol'

I can imagine being a bored designer throwing a philosophy reference on a sweatshirt – Truly Tragic T_T

Interesting that this connection needs to be a commentary on the now – somehow it is 'news' that nihilism has a history and does not merely describe our 'contemporary moment'

Disappointing that we don't get any analysis of nihilism's unique and important form in the cultures of oppressed peoples

Costume design as whispered conversation . . . beautiful

'ur all posers' - Big Daddy Thacker

*Trans-valuation of values, NOT the re-valuation of values – common error in translations of Nietzsche

Very frustrating that Critchley would completely misrepresent amor fati (Nietzsche's response to nihilism) as merely amor . . . Nietzsche does not turn to romantic love when confronted with the most difficult thought of nihilism, but rather towards an impossible love of fate's immensity and inevitability which affirms pain, joy, weakness, strength, and the inevitable recurrence of all these things in the endless circle of time. Of course, all mortals share the same fate, and one does not find one's fate in love.

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